Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sal Masekela - ALEKESAM

Most of you may know Sal Masekela from the E! Channel, hosting the X Games on ESPN or even as a pro surfer, but Sal is so much more. Selema 'Sal' Masekela is the the son of Hugh Masekela – musician, activist and father that was exiled from his family and native South Africa for over 30 years as a direct result of Apartheid. 

Sui recently went to NY for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of ALEKESAM. A mini documentary that started out as a four minute promo for Sal's new album, but instead turned out to tell an inspiring story of a father exiled from his country, a son exiled from his father, and their mutual attempt to connect to the world, and each other through music. The film was amazing!

Check out the trailer and the lead track from Sal's upcoming debut album which is just ridiculous! We actually played it on Saturday night to kick off our set!

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